DMG can be engaged for any of a host of Special Services for specific construction or development challenges. As said, the sum total of the professional involvement in construction of our Team is over one hundred years. We welcome the opportunity to investigate, solve, and innovate productive solutions to the widely diverse and quickly changing construction industry.

01. Built Environment:

  • Energy Audits, Savings proposals,
  • Return on investment studies on new technologies.
  • Physical Assessment: Structure, MEP, Marine, Sub-soil, erosion
  • SickBuilding Diagnostics
  • Renovation Strategies

02. Proposed Projects:

  • Biophilia Mimicry, site readiness, natural amenities assessments
  • Environmental Impact Studies (regulatory and bespoke)
  • Entitlement Assessments
  • Construction Estimates
  • Construction methods and materials feasibility studies
  • Value Engineering
  • Embedded Carbon Analysis
  • Renewable Energy Proposals
  • Sustainability and Life Cycle analysis

03. Entire Developments:

  • Master Planning and Accommodation Assessments
  • Area Programs
  • Return on Investment Yields
  • Suggested Rules of Engagement and lines of Authority
  • Third Party Auditing, Expert Witnessing, Contract Arbitration
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DMG believes good development management starts with well-documented round-table discussions.

Our background in design and engineering makes DMG particularly competent in managing the complete development and design process starting from tendering and contracting with designer and execution and administration of the design.

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The depth and breadth of DMG’s expertise, along with its six nation-wide successful track record, combine to offer peerless development and construction management.

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