Whether as a Development Management Team on large multi-use Development or as a Client Representative on a single high-quality residence, DMG heavily invests in your dream.

As our project list will illustrate, DMG has had key involvement in some of the most successful and prestigious real estate developments in the region. Amanpuri, Jomchang, Cape Sol, Laemson, Waterfall Bay, North Beach and Emerald Bay to name a few of many premier developments. Having been an intimate part of Phuket’s resort and villa developments for almost 30 years, we are broadly versed in the opportunities and challenges of developing within the region and can offer valuable local knowledge and administrative advice to Land- Owners and Developers alike.  We have been the “Onsite Development Consultants” for some of the most visionary Developers of South East Asia. Sometimes as Owners’/Clients’ Representatives and sometime as Development Managers.

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Construction Management Phuket

DMG believes good development management starts with well-documented round-table discussions.

Our background in design and engineering makes DMG particularly competent in managing the complete development and design process starting from tendering and contracting with designer and execution and administration of the design.

Genesis and Conception of the Development

Depending upon when DMG is engaged in the Genesis/Conception of the Development; DMG can offer the following formative services to help the Developer delineate, research and affirm the Project’s Primary Goals re: the five following broad categories:

All development projects, no matter how personal and/or luxurious require commercial parameters of budget, timing and quality. The clearer the definition of Commercial success is articulated, the more effective DMG can be in administering the development away from any failed expectations towards its economic goals. DMG has done the research and goal setting for many large-scale developments which has defined the “Commercial success”. We are well positioned to administer and published the following studies and due diligence reports:

  • Canvassing of Target markets, comparative properties and market share assumptions
  • Land acquisition strategies, long term leasing, Thai / Foreign partnering,
  • Return on Investment requirements including interest rates, currency rate fluctuations, and sales and purchase strategies.
  • Establishing realistic target budgets for all development costs i.e. legal, design, consultants, entitlements (EIA, BOI, IEE, Permits), construction and, pre-opening
  • Construction Cash need projections and estimates of when the project may go cash positive relative to sales uptakes.
  • Post construction running costs budgets, energy consumption budgets, maintenance and depreciation and property management costs.
  • Programming, scheduling, phasing, entitlements and permits, design maturation, and construction.

After land acquisition, DMG would administer a site investigation that assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the site for the accommodations chosen. Before the designs even complete Conceptual phase, the site constraints, challenges and attributes need to be explored, measured and otherwise be communicated to the Design and Marketing team.
The areas of a comprehensive site investigation are as follows:

  • Sub-soil and Geotechnical Investigation: erosion potential, natural drainage,
  • Water resources: wells, bores, springs, water table, collection, rain harvesting,
  • Marine geology investigation, reef damage and restoration if applicable.
  • Soil quality studies, for proctor, bearing, landscaping, water retention, potential for earthen structures, perculation for drainage and grey water, brown site issues
  • Air Quality, weather patterns, wind patterns, pollution, temperature ranges, humidity ranges, particulate matter content, seasonal changes, neighbors
  • Natural Amenities Studies: Flora, fauna, sunshine, rock out-cropping, topography, vistas, large trees, pests, non-native species and invasive species,
  • Potential for sustainable technologies: on site power: wind, solar, micro hydro, wave; on site energy: geothermal, heat pumps, pneumatic, farm to table.
  • Connectivity with transportation, parks, natural amenities, entertainment, food.

Most Developers would argue that Design is the single most important predicate for success in any project – it’s the market appeal, the glamour, and the fantasy. Without showcasing  beautiful and innovative designs Developments might miss their markets entirely and yet only a few Developments can allow the Designer free reign over budgets and still achieve their ROI. DMG is constantly advocating for the designers’ preservation of their creative design intent without over-taxing the Owner’s budget.

The areas of Design support required by a Development manager are as follows:

  • Establish an Accommodation Schedule and an Area Program of all buildings, structures and infrastructure components of the development early in the Conceptual Phase of the designs.
  • Establish the full list of Design consultants and schedule their timely appointments giving each a clear and non-competitive scope of work description/expectations.
  • Set milestones and approvals schedules for the complete design maturation process through all phases and all documentation for each and every discipline of Designers, Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Specialty Designers, Technical Designers and Proprietary Designers.
  • Each member of the Design Team must be given clear contractual instructions as to the scope of design works, schedule of delivery of documentation and the standard of detail and coordination of all of the following:
    a. Concept Designs and renderings and sketches
    b. Schematic Designs, Master Layout Plans and illustrations and mood boards
    c. Design Development Drawings: (MLP’s, base floor plans, cardinal sections, door and window and finish schedules, all elevations, details and calculations) and samples and calculations
    d. Permit Drawings and submittal documentation
    e. Tender Drawings, sample boards, mockups, RFI’s
    f. For Construction Drawings, RFA answers, SK drawings, Approved Samples, Shop Drawing Approvals, and Mockup Approvals
    g. Approvals of As-Built Drawings
    h. Issuance of Maintenance Manuals
  • The efforts of all designers must be coordinated around the Developer’s Goals for habitats that enhance lifestyles, encourage energy sustainability, promote wellness and healthy light and air quality, allow for privacy and interaction and, are well balanced with the natural setting. (It ever more possible to build habitats that are zero carbon, net zero waste, net zero water and are energy positive).

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