DMG Thailand is the leading Project Management Team in Phuket

Client Advocacy: DMG will endeavor to be the Client’s best advocate in four major areas:

  1. Design Coordination
  2. Project Budgeting
  3. Project Programing and
  4. High Standards of Quality with the focus and emphasis upon each area shifting as needed during the Project Phases:
    a.) Design Development
    b.) Pre-Construction
    c.) Construction
    d.) Handover and
    e.)  Defects Liability Period.

Support the Design Team: DMG has a full history of  setting stages where the Project Design Team can be innovative and  creative within the constraints of the Clients’ budget and timing. On the Clients’ behalf, DMG as PM will tender for and negotiate with all principle and additional design consultants. DMG will also review and approve and track all payments to all Project Consultants.

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DMG Project Management Phuket

Team DMG heavily invests resources and passion into all our projects.

We become dedicated advocates for the Client while ever-mindful of being environmentally friendly.
DMG Project and Construction Management Phuket

Project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of building projects in Phuket.

Secure the Construction Team: DMG understands the imperative for finding the right Construction team to build the project. We are diligent and thorough at pre-qualifying, tendering, negotiating and setting the rules of engagement for the Clients’ contractors and Suppliers.

PM during construction management: Once the Contractor/s are engaged and mobilized, DMG, as PM will fully administer all commercial dealings between all Contractors and the Clients/Owners. The PM roles that DMG is most focused on during construction are:

  • project communications
  • design, quality and product compliance
  • progress claims & payments
  • cash flow projections, retention & payment records
  • program & milestone compliance
  • entitlement and code compliance
  • safety and jobsite infractions
  • beneficial handover, defects correction, retention release
  • insurances and liabilities.
Project Management Phuket
Project Management Phuket
Project Management Phuket

In short as PM/CM DMG will manage all efforts of the contractors to stay on program at high quality. to bring into reality the Clients’ dreams and the Design Team’s visions at a peerless level of quality.

All Projects have their challenges, however; DMG’s team has over one hundred years of cumulative building experience, which means DMG will anticipate threats to time, budget and quality and our well- seasoned construction management systems will maintain the Project’s vigilant allegiance to the Clients’ goals and consequential  successful completion.

Project Management of Refurbishment and Renovations

DMG understands that renovations and refurbishments are critical to owners and operators.  We can manage projects in operating properties and schedule works to keep disturbance to occupants to a minimum.

Renovations and refurbishments are challenging projects and DMG deploys a team with the flexibility and experience to deal with any unexpected surprises.

DMG is a Leader in Phuket Project Management

Successful project management is an art that requires:

  • Sophisticated mechanisms to predict and control variations, budgets, timelines, and procurement.

  • Respectful personnel and cross-cultural management skills.

  • A battery of well-tested site communication forms and recording devices.
  • Profitability studies of sustainable technology.

  • Updated and thorough design and specification databases.

  • Sophisticated computer technology:

    • Procore
    • AutoCAD
    • Revit
    • Sketchup
    • MS Project
    • ZOOM, Google Meet, WeChat
  • Profitable value engineering and return on investment analysis.

  • Local regulatory and code compliance management.

Project Management Phuket
Project Management Triangle

DMG Construction and Project Management teams in Phuket are focused on maintaining the critical aspects of the Clients’ scope (project program), the budget (cost plan), and the schedule (timeline), all while maintaining the desired Quality.  These three key aspects are often called the Project Management Triangle, and they must relate in balance to each other.

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The depth and breadth of DMG’s expertise, along with its six nation-wide successful track record, combine to offer peerless development and construction management.

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